Journal Club


Journal Club is dedicated to oral presentation and discussion of scientific studies related to the lab students’ projects. Each student has 20 min to present the main points of an elected paper and other 20 min for open discussion.

Points that MUST be covered by each presentation: I) Why I choose this paper? II) clear premises, III) hypothesis, IV) objective(s), V) main results and the statistics applied, and a VI) conclusion COMPARING whether it reached the objective(s) proposed in the paper. Please, see a model here.

Next presentations – 2019:


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Past presentations – 2019:

Robson Barth, June 10th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Adaptive β-Cell Neogenesis in the Adult Mouse in Response to Glucocorticoid-Induced Insulin Resistance.  doi: 10.2337/db17-1314.

Francieli C. de Ramos,  May 27th, CFS 003, 12:30 – High-fat diet-induced -cell proliferation occurs prior to insulin resistance in C57Bl/6J male mice. doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00460.2014.

Priscila L. Zimath, May 13th, CFS 003, 12:00 – Daily Fasting Improves Health and Survival in Male Mice Independent of Diet Composition and Calories.

Flávia Natividade, May 29th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Effects of triphenyl phosphate exposure during fetal development on obesity and metabolic dysfunctions in adult mice: Impaired lipid metabolism and intestinal dysbiosis. DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2018.12.053

Guilherme Durante, April 15th, CFS 003, 12:30 –  Bats: Body mass index, forearm mass index, blood glucose levels and SLC2A2 genes for diabetes. DOI:10.1038/srep29960

PhD Renata Silveiro, April 05th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Brown adipose tissue whitening leads to brown adipocyte death and adipose tissue inflammation. DOI:10.1194/jlr.M079665

Maciel A. Bruxel, April 08th, CFS 003, 12:30 – An update about rodent breeding.

PhD Ana Paula Taschetto, March 14th, CFS 003, 12:30 – IDE involvement in peripheral tissues

Prof. Alex Rafacho, March 07th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Paternal Exercise Improves Glucose Metabolism in Adult Offspring.


Past presentations – 2018:

Prof. Alex Rafacho, November 21th, CFS 003, 12:30 – The atypical antipsychotic olanzapine causes weight gain by targeting serotonin receptor 2C. PMID: 28805659

Luíza Klein Flach, November 14th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Brown adipose tissue activation in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease. PMID: 28851733

Thais Seragiotto, November 07th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Impacto da administração conjunta de olanzapina e dexametasona na homeostase glicêmica e lipídica de ratos: potencial desfecho diabetogênico.

Robson Barth, October 31th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Inhibition of UCP2 expression reverses diet-induced diabetes mellitus by effects on both insulin secretion and action.  PMID: 17209127

Laura Menegatti, October 17th, CFS 003, 12:30 – The effects of diazinon on pituitary–gonad axis and ovarian histological changes in rats.

Maciel A Bruxel, October 03rd, CFS 003, 12:30 – Perinatal exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonate affects glucose metabolism in adult offspring. PMID: 24498028

Carolina Ruoso, October 10th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Overexpression of ST5, an activator of Ras, has
no effect on b-cell proliferation in adult mice. PMID: 29650351

Guilherme Durante, September 26th, CFS 003, 12:30 – Paracellular Absorption: A Bat Breaks the Mammal Paradigm.

PhD Renata Silveiro, September 14th, CFS003, 12:30 – Cannabinoid Type 1 Receptors are Upregulated During Acute Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue. PMID: 29650773

PhD Ana Paula Taschetto, August 29th, CFS003, 12:30 – Region-Specific Suppression of Hypothalamic Responses to Insulin To Adapt to Elevated Maternal Insulin Secretion During PregnancyPMID: 29029017.

Priscila L Zimath, August 22th, CFS003, 12:30 – Glucocorticoid-Induced Metabolic Disturbances Are Exacerbated in Obese Male Mice. doi: 10.1210/en.2018-00147

Henver Brunetta,  August 15th, CFS003, 12:30 – Essential role of mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter in the generation of mitochondrial pH gradient and metabolism-secretion coupling in insulin-releasing cells. PMID: 25548283 

Flavia Natividade, August 10th, CFS003, 12:30 –  Associations of inflammatory response and oxidative injury in the pathogenesis of liver steatosis and insulin resistance following subchronic exposure to malathion in rats. PMID: 25180440

Francielle B.D. Ferreira, 02th  August, CFS003, 12:30 – Metformin activates a duodenal Ampk-dependent pathway to lower hepatic glucose production in rats. PMID: 25849133

Meeting between the students – discussion of protocols, 18th July, CFS003, 12:30 –

Meeting between the students – discussion of protocols, 25th July, CFS003, 12:30 –

Luíza K Flach,  27th June, CFS003, 12:00 – Diet-Induced Obesity Causes Insulin Resistance in Mouse Brown Adipose Tissue. PMID: 26242777

Maciel A Bruxel, 13th June, CFS 003, 12:30 – Optimal housing temperatures for mice to mimic the thermal environment of humans: An experimental study. PMID: 29122558.

Prof. Alex Rafacho, 06th June, CFS003, 12:30 – Glucose patterns during an oral glucose tolerance test and associations with future diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality rate. PMID: 28983719.

PhD Ana P Taschetto, 23rd May, CFS003, 12:30 – Insulin degrading enzyme contributes to the pathology in a mixed model of Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease: possible mechanisms of IDE in T2D and AD. PMID: 29222348.

Priscila Zimath, 09th May, CFS003, 12:30 – Adipocyte glucocorticoid receptor is important in lipolysis and insulin resistance due to exogenous steroids, but not insulin resistance caused by high fat feeding. PMID: 29031716.

Felipe A Gomes, 02nd May, CFS003, 12:30 – Interaction of amyloidogenic proteins in pancreatic β cells from subjects with synucleinopathies. PMID: 25180440

Carolina Ruoso, 25th  April, CFS003, 12:30 – Induction of b-Cell Replication by a Synthetic HNF4a Antagonist. PMID: 23922283

Flavia Natividade, 18th April, CFS003, 12:30 – Malathion-induced hepatotoxicity in male Wistar rats: biochemical and histopathological studies. DOI:

Francielle B.D. Ferreira, 11st April, CFS003, 12:30 –

PhD Renata, 04th April, CFS003, 12:30 – Lipases and lipid droplet-associated protein expression in subcutaneous white adipose tissue of cachectic patients with cancer. PMID: 28830524.

Maciel A Bruxel, 21st March, CFS 003, 12:30 – Associations of inflammatory response and oxidative injury in the pathogenesis of liver steatosis and insulin resistance following subchronic exposure to malathion in rats. PMID: 25180440


Past presentations – 2017:

Flavia Natividade, 22th November,  CFS005, 12:00 – Transgenerational pancreatic impairment with Igf2/H19 epigenetic alteration induced by p,p’-DDE exposure in early life. PMID: 28867213

Maciel A Bruxel, 8th November, CFS 003, 12:30 – A novel rat model of gestational diabetes induced by intrauterine programming is associated with alterations in placental signaling and fetal overgrowth. PMID: 26747729

Carolina Ruoso, 1st November, CFS 003, 12:30 – Maternal obesity programs reduced leptin signaling in the pituitary and altered GH/IGF1 axis function leading to increased adiposity in adult sheep offspring. PMID: 28771488

Felipe A Gomes, 25th October, CFS 003, 12:30 – Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, and Cognitive Dysfunction: Does Your Metabolic Profile Affect Your Brain. PMID: 28389469

Prof. Alex Rafacho, 18th October, CFS 003, 12:30 – Pharmacological inhibition of adipose triglyceride lipase corrects high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and hepatosteatosis in mice. PMID: 28327588

Flavia Natividade, 23rd August,  CFS003, 12:30 – High-fructose and high-fat diet-induced disorders in rats: impact on diabetes risk, hepatic and vascular complications. PMID: 26918024

Guilherme Durante, 30th August , CFS003, 12:30 – Influence of Feeding habits in the endocrine pancreas of insectivore bat P. personatus and nectarivorous bat A. geoffroyi. A comparative stereological and immunohistochemical study. PMID:28109546

Carolina Ruosso, 06th Semptember, CFS003, 12:30 – In vitro reprogramming of pancreatic alpha cells towards a beta cell phenotype following ectopic HNF4α expression. PMID: 25224487

Katia Motta, 23rd August, CFS003, 13:00 – Avaliação da homeostase lipídica no final da gestação de ratas expostas a dexametasona.

Felipe A Gomes, 02nd August,  CFS005, 12:30 – Hydrocortisone-induced parkin prevents dopaminergic cell death via CREB pathway in Parkinson’s disease model. PMID: 28366931

Ana Idalina S Gomes, 19th July- CFS003, 12:30 – Apresentação do projeto de mestrado.

Katia Motta, 12th July, – CFS003, 12:30 – Changes in LXR signaling influence early-pregnancy lipogenesis and protect against dysregulated fetoplacental lipid homeostasisPMID: 28420650

Maciel A Bruxel, 5th July, – CFS003, 12:30 – Malathion increase apoptotic cell death by inducing lysosomal membrane permeabilization in N2a neuroblastoma cells: a model for neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s deasease. PMID: 28487766

Prof. Alex Rafacho, 21th June, – CFS003, 12:30 – Pharmacological inhibition of adipose triglyceride lipase corrects high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and hepatosteatosis in mice. PMID: 28327588

Guilherme Durante, 7th June, – CFS003, 12:30 – Interspecies comparison of islets architecture and composition. PMID: 20657742

Matheus Besen, 17th May, – CFS003, 12:30

Flavia Natividade, 10th May, – CFS003, 12:30 – Effects of paternal obesity on growth and adiposity of male rat offspring. PMID: 27965204

Francielle B.D. Ferreira, 26th April, – CFS003, 12:30 – Metformin reduces the rate of small intestinal glucose absorption in type 2 diabetes. PMID: 27761984

Felipe A. Gomes, 12th April, – CFS003, 12:30 – GLP-1 receptor stimulation preserves primary cortical and dopaminergic neurons in cellular and rodent models of stroke and Parkinsonism. PMID: 19164583

Katia Motta , 22nd March, – CFS005, 12:30 – Dexamethasone during Late Gestation Exacerbates Peripheral Insulin Resistance and Selectively Targets. PMID: 11517149

Prof. Alex Rafacho, 08th March, – CFS005, 12:30 – Fasting-Mimicking Diet Promotes Ngn3-Driven β-Cell Regeneration to Reverse Diabetes. PMID 28235195

Cristiane dos Santos, 22nd February, – CFS005, 12:30 – Avaliação de parâmetros metabólicos e de proteínas chaves em tecidos periféricos e no hipotálamo de ratos tratados cronicamente com frutose e prednisolona e o impacto da suplementação com óleo de peixe e da interrupção dos tratamentos.

Julia S Silva, 15th February, – CFS005, 12:30 – Alterações morfofuncionais em ratos tratados cronicamente com frutose e prednisolona e o impacto da suplementação com óleo de peixe e da interrupção dos tratamentos.


Past presentations – 2016:

Matheus Besen, 14th December, – CFS005, 12:30 – High-fructose and high-fat diet-induced disorders in rats: impact on diabetes risk, hepatic and vascular complications. PMID 26918024

Prof. Alex Rafacho, 14th December, – CFS003, 12:30 – Functional and Molecular Adaptations of Enteroendocrine L-Cells in Male Obese Mice Are Associated With Preservation of Pancreatic α-Cell Function and Prevention of Hyperglycemia. PMID: 27547850

Julia S Silva, 23rd November. – CFS003, 12:30 – A rodent model of rapid-onset diabetes induced by glucocorticoids and high-fat feeding. PMID: 22184636

Maciel A Bruxel, 16th November, – CFS005, 12:30 – Impacto da exposição ao malathion sobre a homeostase glicêmica durante a gestação e seus desfechos metabólicos no pós-termo em ratas.

Katia Motta, 09th November, – CFS005, 12:30 – Avaliação da homeostase lipídica no final da gestação de ratas expostas a dexametasona.

Jaqueline L Bolduan, 19th October – CFS003, 12:30 – Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1a3 defines a subset of failing pancreatic β cells in diabetic mice. PMID: 27572106

Caique M Pereira, 05th october – CFS003, 12:30 – Defective regulation of POMC precedes hypothalamic inflammation in diet-induced obesity. PMID:27373214

Felipe A Gomes, 28th September – CFS003, 12:30 – Alzheimer-associated Ab oligomers impact the central nervous system to induce peripheral metabolic deregulation. PMID:25617315

Flavia Natividade, 21th September – CFS003, 12:30 – Dexamethasone treatment alters insulin, leptin, and adiponectin levels in male mice as observed in DIO but does not lead to alterations of metabolic phenotypes in the offspring. PMID:26662513

Francielle BD Ferreira, 14th Spetember – CFS005, 12:30 – Combining sitagliptin/metformin with a functional fiber delays diabetes progression in zucker ratsPMID:24389593

Cristiane dos Santos, 31st August – CFS003, 12:30 – Inhibition of Hypothalamic Inflammation Reverses Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance in the LiverPMID:22522614

Alex Rafacho, 24th August – CFS005, 12:30 – Dynamics of glucose-induced insulin secretion in human islets. PMID: 26264556

Cristiane dos Santos, 17th, August  – CFS005, 12:30, Title: Fructose-Induced Hypothalamic AMPK Activation Stimulates Hepatic PEPCK and Gluconeogenesis due to Increased Corticosterone Levels. PMID: 22585831

Katia Motta 10th, August  – CFS005, 12:30, Title: Chronic glucocorticoid treatment enhances lipogenic activity in visceral adipocytes of male Wistar rats. PMID:24410866

Cristiane dos Santos 30th, June  – CFS005, 13:30-14:10, Title: “Adipocyte glucocorticoid receptor has a minor contribution in adipose tissuegrowth” PMID:27106108

Katia Motta,  23rd, June, CFS005 – CCB, 14:00-14:40. Title: “Anguipoietin-like 4 (Angptl4) protein is a physiological mediator of intracellular lipolysis in murine adipocytes” PMID:22267746

Alex Rafacho,  16th, June, CFS509 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Pancreatic beta-cell adaptive plasticity in obesity increases insulin production but adversely affects secretory function” PMID:26307586

Katia Motta,  08th, june, CFS509 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “regulation of glucocorticoid metabolism” PMID:xxxx

Julia Spanhol,  08th, June, CFS509 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Adiponectin resistance and proinflammatory changes in the visceral adipose tissue induced by fructose consumption via ketohexokinase-dependent pathway” PMID:2518737

Fatih Civan Saka,  25th, May, CFS509 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Morphofunctional alterationsn in endocrine pancreas of short- and long-term dexamethasone-treated rats” PMID:21225543

Cristiane dos Santos,  25th, May, CFS509 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Activation of PPARa Ameliorates Hepatic Insulin Resistance and Steatosis in High Fructose–Fed Mice Despite Increased Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress” PMID:2334948

Prof. Gustavo J dos Santos,  04th, May, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Metabolic memory of b-cells controls insulin secretion and is mediated by CaMKII” PMID:24944908

Henver S Brunetta,  27th, April, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “SIRT3 is crucial for maintaining skeletal muscle insulin action and protects against severe insulin resistance in high-fat-fed mice” PMID:25948682

Prof. Alex Rafacho,20th, April, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Mesenteric fat lipolysis mediates obesity-associated hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance” PMID:26384383

Maísa Trento,14th, April, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Low-dose glucocorticoid treatment affects multiple aspects of intermediary metabolism in health humans: a randomised controlled trial” PMID:21562755

Jaqueline Franzen, 05th, April, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “The risk is in the air: intranasal administration of MPTP to rats reproducing clinical features of Parkinson’s diseade” PMID:16908021

Julia Spanhol da Silva- March, 31th, CFS004 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Dietary Docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid influence liver triacylglycerol and insulin resistance in rats fed a high-fructose diet” PMID: 25837985

Cristiane dos Santos – March, 24th, CFS004 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “11-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 shRNA ameliorates
glucocorticoid-induced insulin resistance and lipolysis in mouse abdominal adipose tissue” PMID: 25389364

Maciel Alencar Bruxel – March, 17th, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: Oil Red O: do preparo dos reagentes e tecidos à técnica de coloração”

Katia Motta – March, 9th, CFS005 – CCB, 12:30-13:10. Title: “Selective regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism by the AMP-activated protein kinase pathway in late-pregnant rats” PMID: 25163923