Current projects

Supervised by Dr. A. Rafacho

1. Impact of sleep perturbation on glucose and lipid metabolism. Student involved: Natália S Tonet and Danilo F S Marçal

2. Acute effects of malathion pesticide on cellular and ultrastructural parameters of pancreatic beta cells. Student involved: José Rodrigo N Martins and Flávia N da Silva

3. Effects of a combination of olanzapine and dexamethasone on glucose metabolism. Student involved: Flávia N da Silva 

4. Effects of mometasone furoate on metabolism: looking for a new GC with less adverse effects. Student involved: Priscila Lais Zimath and Milena dos Santos Almeida

5. Impact of maternal glyphosate exposure on glucose and lipid homeostasis of adult offspring. Student involved: Aline B Lima

6. Potential application of nasal pramlintide aiming metabolic outcomes. Student involved: Milena dos Santos Almeida

7. Endocrine pancreas distribution in frugivorous, insectivorous and nectarivorous bats: a descriptive study. Student involved: Morgana Contini