Concluded projects

Supervised by Dr. A. Rafacho

1. Distribution and mass of pancreatic endocrine cells in bats: a functional and structural approach based in different diet habits. Student involved: Guilherme Durante Cruz

2. Impact of organophosphorate pesticide on glucose homeostasis during gestational period and offspring. Student involved: Maciel Alencar BruxelFlavia N da Silva

3. Antiobesity potential of peptide 19 in a HFD mice model. Post doc involved: Renata Silvério Deluca

4. Evaluation of IDE involvement in physiological insulin fluctuactions during gestation. Post doc involved: Ana Paula Dambros Taschetto, Renata Silvério Deluca

5. Glucose and lipid homeostasis in rats with parkinson’s-like phenotype induced 6-OHDA. Student involved: Felipe Azevedo Gomes

6. Effects of metformin and sitagliptin on the metabolic dysfunctions caused by glucocorticoid excess. Student involved: Francielle Battista Duarte Ferreita

7. Investigation of hepatic and adipose tissue molecular mechanisms involved in the hypertriacylglyceridemia observed during normal- and glucocorticoid-influenced gestation in rats. Student involved: Katia Motta

8. Glucose metabolism in adult rats born from rats treated with dexamethasone before copulation. Student involved: Flávia Natividade da Silva

9. Combination of fructose and prednisolone administration: sought for new experimental models with glucose homeostasis imbalance and the impact of fish oil supplementation. Students involved:  Cristiane dos Santos & Julia S da Silva

10. Repercurssions of the chronic administration of fructose in the glycemic and lipidemic homeostasis and the intervention with the fish oil supplementation. Student involved: Paola S Miranda

11. Glycemic homeostasis in rats with loss of ovarian function and exposed to glucocorticoid excess. Student involved:  Francielle G Battiston

12. Endocrine pancreas adaptive compensation in pharmacological rat model of insulin resistance: sex- and age-related changes. Students involved: Cristiane Santos, Francielle B D Ferreira & Luiz M Gonçalves-Neto

13. Effects of arjunolic acid administration on glucose homeostasis from glucocorticoid-treated rats. Students involved: Francielle B D Ferreira & Luiz M Gonçalves-Neto

14. Evaluation of glucose homeostasis and metabolism in CLP-induced mice sepsis. Students involved: Cristiane Santos, Francielle B D Ferreira & Luiz M Gonçalves-Neto

15. Evaluation of key insulinic and inflammatory signal components in peripheral tissues from dexamethasone-treated rats. Student involved: Katia Motta

16. Effects of acute intermittent hypoxia on rat glucose homeostasis. Students involved: Francielle B D Ferreira & Luiz M Gonçalves-Neto

17. Effects of beta-hidroxy-beta-methylbutyrate supplementation on glucose homoestasis from glucocorticoid-treated rats. Students involved: Cristiane Santos, Francielle B D Ferreira & Luiz M Gonçalves-Neto