Regulation of the glucose homeostasis in insulin-resistant and glucose-intolerant states

Our line of research is focused on the glucose homeostasis alterations under conditions of insulin resistance and/or glucose intolerance (commonly observed in obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes), especially those induced by glucocorticoid excess. The studies are conducted in vivo (animal) and ex vivo (tissues) through techniques of structural, functional and molecular biology. Our team involves collaborations with the following researchers: Antonio C Boschero and Everardo M carneiro (UNICAMP), Daniel B Zoccal and Sebastião R Taboga (UNESP), Ivan Quesada (UMH/Spain) and Javier Bermudez-Silva (IBIMA/Spain).

Our group is divided within 3 missions:

1. Nutrients, compounds, and drugs that can attenuate side effects on the glucose metabolism caused by glucocorticoid or other insults

2. Mechanisms involved in the endocrine pancreas and peripheral tissues (adipose and liver) compensations to glucose intolerance and/or insulin resistance caused by glucocorticoid or other insults

3. Models with development of glucose and lipid metabolism derangements caused by any physiological (e.g., gestation), chemical (e.g., pollutants) or nutritional (e.g., fructose) insults





Alex Rafacho, Ph.D.