Current projects

Supervised by Dr. A. Rafacho

1. Effects of a combination of olanzapine and dexamethasone on glucose metabolism. Student involved: Thais A do Amaral.

2. Impact of organophosphorate pesticide on glucose homeostasis during gestational period and offspring. Student involved: Maciel Alencar BruxelFlavia N da Silva and Laura M Bevilacqua.

3. Distribution and mass of pancreatic endocrine cells in bats: a functional and structural approach based in different diet habits. Student involved: Guilherme Durante Cruz and João Vitor Schaidt

4. Antiobesity potential of peptide 19 in a HFD mice model. Post doc and student involved: Renata Silvério Deluca and Luiza Klein Flach

5. Effects of mometasone furoate on metabolism: looking for a new GC with less adverse effects. Student involved: Priscila Lais Zimath

6. Evaluation of IDE involvement in physiological insulin fluctuactions during gestation. Post doc involved: Ana Paula Dambros Taschetto


Supervised by Dr. E.A. Nunes

1. Ingestion of leucine and beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate: potential effects on metabolic flexibility in metabolic syndrome pre-clinical models. Students involved: Henver Simionato Brunetta

2. Effects of the supplementation with oils containing palmitoleic acid on metabolic and immunological changes induced by cafeteria diet.  Students involved: Thayz Rodrigues Chagas and Amanda Marreiro

3. Effects of supplementation with fish oil during chemotherapy in patients with colon cancer. Students involved: Carolina de Quadros Camargo

4. Ingestion of palmitoleic acid-enriched oil in diet-induced obesity preclinical models.  Students involved: Natália Engroff do Canto and Thayz Rodrigues Chagas

5. Diet inflammatory potential and recovery from eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage.  Students involved: Cinthia Rejane Corrêa